About Nancy Fry, PhD, MBA

“Everyone, Everywhere, Everyday deserves to be treated with respect.”

This is a life-long deeply held value for Nancy. She is also passionate about people having fulfilling, satisfying work and realized that without feeling respected in the workplace, satisfying work can’t happen. In other words, work should be passion and not pain. Now she focuses on empowering people and organizations to build that foundation of respect that will enable both the individual and the organization to flourish.

A former finance executive at Sprint Corp., Nancy has an MBA and more than 20 years experience in the business world in various finance and accounting positions. In 2003, Nancy decided to take a leap and follow her calling to more directly help people. This meant walking away from corporate America to go back to school full-time at KU, earning a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology. From the onset, the synergies between business and psychology were a passion. Building on the emerging field of neuroleadership, Nancy co-led a team in creating a leadership development and coaching training program for CIMBA, in Asolo, Italy for about 2 years. She is also a licensed psychologist in Kansas.