ESA System

I dream of workplaces alive with diverse people engaging in healthy debate, asking questions, and sharing ideas. The strengths of every individual are reflected in their contribution to the larger goal. Respect is so integral to every word, every action, and every decision of every person that no one consciously thinks about it anymore. It’s automatic. It’s just the way of doing business, of living life. Organizations flourish. Individuals flourish.


We partner with progressive leaders to create safe climates that prevent workplace bullying and enable people and organizations to flourish.

Progressive leaders are setting a new standard.  Safe climates are the foundation of strong working relationships that enable increased productivity, engagement, and collaboration. When people feel safe, it sparks creative problem solving and innovation. They fail forward, learning from errors, and strive to be their best self.

Bullying behaviors are the antithesis of respect and undermines safety. Performance and productivity suffer. Engagement declines and turnover increases. The estimated cost to companies is $5-6 B annually in lost productivity alone.

Preventing bullying is essential but what if you could simultaneously provide people with strategies and tools for everyone to flourish. You can. It’s called the ESAsm system.

We identify the “climate barriers” that are limiting your company’s potential and performance. By understanding the barriers that may exist in your climate, actions can be taken to unlock the potential. Climates are influenced by the alignment of two key forces: organization system practices and managerial behaviors. We identify the elements in these 2 areas and develop the go forward plan to fix the threads in it.

Our process is to baseline the current climate. We review our findings with you to discuss gaps and the actions of the go forward plan. Using our model of Educate-Shift- Advance (ESAsm), we are able to quantify shifts in your climate and help make safe climates a sustainable element within your organization while providing tools and strategies for people to flourish.


If you would like to learn more about unlocking your organization’s potential and the ESAsm system, contact Dr. Nancy Fry at or call 913-735-0226.