RespectWorks Coachingsm

The most common question I’m asked by HR professionals is “Can people really change?” Usually this means they are faced with multiple complaints about a particular executive/manager regarding abrasive and disruptive behaviors. This person is very valuable to the company, a high performer, and very intelligent; someone they don’t want to lose. Yet, they can’t afford to turn a blind eye to these behaviors and they’re looking for expert advice. So, they ask if people can really change. My answer: YES. People can and do change.

I believe that every leader wants to respected by their co-workers. But for some, certain misconceptions have gotten in the way.  Perhaps they were taught that abrasive behaviors are the hallmark of strong leadership and the best way to motivate people.  Perhaps they feel justified because they believe the other person doesn’t meet their standards and therefore deserves poor treatment.  Perhaps they’re unaware of the impact of their words and actions on other people. Or perhaps they’re stressed and sleep deprived.  These are just a few possibilities. Regardless of the reason, disruptive behaviors are costly to the company.

My RespectWorks Coaching Program  can help. I partner with leaders to increase self-awareness, improve communication, and implement more effective leadership strategies.  I focus on strengths in addition to areas for improvement as individual strengths provide a strong foundation for change. My coaching program includes:

  • Confidential interviews with 8-10 co-workers at various levels to get a well-rounded perspective of the client’s communication and behaviors
  • Four to six months of 50-60 minute confidential phone calls, every other week
  • Progress checks midway through the process to identify progress and make any needed adjustments going forward
  • Exercises, books, assessments, etc. to assist client in gaining awareness, knowledge, and practice skills


Benefits to Client:

  • Improved communication skills
  • Adoption of more collaborative and respect-filled leadership behaviors
  • Create safe climates that enable a more productive, cohesive team
  • Reduced stress


Benefits to Company:

  • Enhanced team productivity and performance
  • Enhanced employee trust and loyalty
  • Workplace respect and safe climates
  • Reduced workplace stress