Keynote Speeches & Workshops

The Empowerment Series

Empowerment built on a strong framework of respect promotes flourishing individuals, teams, and organizations. Flourishing organizations mean greater profitability through enhanced employee satisfaction and well-being reflected in higher productivity, innovation, creativity and lower turnover. Happier employees mean happier and more loyal customers who then contribute to greater profitability. It’s that simple but not that easy.

The Empowerment Series

The Empowerment Series of keynote speeches and workshops is a progressive system of Empowering Leaders & Individuals, Empowering Teams, and Empowering Organizations. It begins with the individual, teaching self-empowerment which enables them to clearly speak their voice and work more effectively with challenging situations and people. Leading by respect is a powerful mechanism that promotes employee engagement and enhanced performance. Strong individuals are imperative for good teamwork but it takes the next level of empowerment and respect to effectively collaborate. Finally is the overall culture of the organization that supports and protects human dignity and in so doing, lays a firm foundation of trust and respect. From this strong base, grows greater commitment to the company and the freedom for all to flourish.

All of the following keynote speeches can be expanded into workshops for enhanced skill development, customized to fit your needs. Consulting services are also available.

Empowering Leaders & Individuals:


Stand in your power – not someone else’s. Building a strong base of self-empowerment enables you to soar when others empower you even further. Adopt an Empowerment Mindset to strengthen confidence, courage and compassion: Confidence to speak your voice without being afraid of contrary opinions. In fact, you welcome other perspectives and ideas; Compassion to treat other people with respect and the Courage to demand that they treat you the same way. This can sometimes be challenging, especially when working with difficult people. We all have “head trash” or common fears that can get in the way. Learn strategies and tools to overcome obstacles and maintain boundaries of respect. Standing in your own power is freedom – freedom to be your best self.



With leadership comes power. Leaders choose whether to lead with respect or manipulate through fear and disregard. Leaders who are admired and respected are better able to motivate others. We go above and beyond for someone we admire. These leaders have longer lasting influence and better results. Manipulation and fear may get results in the short term, but they’re mediocre results at best. Unfortunately it’s easy to unintentionally fall into the fear trap, especially during times of stress. Learn about the common fear tactics, how to guard against using them and how to excel with the 3 Power Keys of Respect: Confidence, Courage, and Compassion. Respect is so much more than basic civility.


Empowering Teams:


Collaborative teams can create and implement ideas and solutions that surpass individual expertise. Yet, effective collaboration isn’t something that automatically happens when people walk into the same room. Experts agree it that first and foremost, it requires strong working relationships founded on trust and respect. Courageous Collaboration takes empowerment to the next level by focusing on 3 key strategies to build the strong relationships required for collaborative teamwork: 1) Courageous Connections: taking the lead (and the risk) in building strong relationships, 2) Courageous Confidence: putting team goals ahead of individual goals, and 3) Courageous Community: creating an environment for optimal sharing of ideas.


Empowering Organizations:


It begins with the fundamental truth that everyone, everywhere, everyday deserves to be treated with respect. No exceptions. Every leader can create their own team culture but when the organization comes together in a unifying whole that is the greatest potential; that is what customers see (and feel) and why they do business with you. Learn how to tap into the power of respect to bring your company to the next level.